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Chris Simonds
Chris Simonds

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Growing up in the foothills of the Adirondacks I’ve learned a great deal of appreciation for not only the immediate area, but the surrounding areas as well. Centrally located to many touristy attractions, our county is rich in history and spoiled by nature. Being the owner and proprietor of a southern Adirondack cabin rental business, I’ve seen firsthand the joys of experiencing this area for the first time. Visitors aren’t shy in boasting with friends and family online about their amazing experience in our county. And let’s face it, there is no better place to live and work than in a place where people come to vacation and experience new things. The area I serve as a real estate agent offers a lifetime of financial success and family pleasures. All of which can start right at your doorstep.

To sell my business, it’s important for me to know the heartbeat of the surrounding towns and villages. Whether it’s the heartbeat of a city, the patter of a light rain on a maple leaf, or a family’s day of fun at a quiet sandy beach, our area serves everyone. To live in this area you need to fully embrace all the seasons with its many changing weather patterns. God certainly has blessed the Adirondacks!

Growing up in Gloversville I have always had an appreciation for its early history. So much so, that as a 10-year-old I would cut out old black-and-white printed pictures from our Sunday newspaper’s “Remember When” pages (typically photos from as early as the town’s founding to the late 40s and 50s) and tape them all over my bedroom. Those pictures and memories remain with me still. That interest has spread to a glowing love of early American history and the county’s relevance to it. Including exciting American Indian history which our neighboring Montgomery county shares a great deal. In my spare time you will most likely find me with a cup of coffee in hand and a campfire not too far away. I call it drinking and smoking “Adirondack Style”.

As your real estate agent you can expect me to be energetic, personable, and service oriented. From waiting tables at a local restaurant for 20 years to managing my own private business (sometimes working away in my workshop creating an Adirondack masterpiece), my livelihood has always been in the service industry. And in building and rehabbing many properties over the years I have become knowledgeable in construction, electrical, plumbing, and home design, and I am always more than willing to share my ideas with my clients. My personal interest in real estate is the joy of working on a buyers behalf. I am most comfortable being unrestricted because that is my personality, and this allows me to deal more on a personable and confident level with my clients.

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